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2×19 hellyeah! show: ask your doctor if Placebo™ is right for you

In this wee episode of the hellyeah! show, we discuss pestilence, file backup successes, messenger bags, Windows 8, video games in 2012, the McRib, fine Christmas films, and Emory’s latest adventures with photography.

Check out the show notes after the break…

Emory’s stuff

  • Flu Shots are weak sauce
  • Built a FreeNAS fileserver
  • Arq (by Haystack Software saved the day for Liz
  • Waiting for Californication and Shameless to start on Sunday
  • Storage Wars: New York

Alan’s stuff

Christmas Movies We’ve Known and Loved

  • Home Alone
  • Die Hard
  • The Ref
  • The Santa Clause
  • White Christmas

Alan’s Games of the Year 2012

Photography News

  • Nik Software Bundle for Aperture (and Lightroom) is boss
  • Fuji’s new cameras look great, but will they work with computers
  • Emory’s RAW rage


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