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3×13 hellyeah! show: if this was a year ago, it would be 12/12/12

ps4-hrdware-large18In this next-generation episode of the hellyeah! show, we discuss Thanksgiving, the iPad retina mini, Emory’s parlor game, couches and trampolines, and home theater speakers before diving into some in-depth discussion about the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Emory’s stuff

  • It’s On

    • a fine way to enjoy classic television

    • brainstorming and whiteboarding

    • styled after a fantasy football league

      • with a stand-alone “home version”

  • I’m a kind and generous gifter at hanukkah

    • iPad Retina Mini

  • My inexpensive fancy strobe kit was awesome at Thanksgiving

Alan’s stuff

PS4 Review

  • this is a machine for games

  • Assassin’s Creed IV

  • Battlefield 4

  • Knack

  • Resogun

  • live streaming

  • controller is heaven

Xbox One Review

  • this is sorta a machine for games

  • voice commands work, for the most part

  • Forza 5

  • Dead Rising 3

  • Zoo Tycoon (!!!)

  • Powerstar Golf


  • online trading card game using the World of Warcraft universe

  • short version: it’s fun


Alan would like to know what we're telling them this week.