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3×15 hellyeah! show: Tim Tam slam

Packet_of_Original_Tim_TamsIn this slammin’ episode of the hellyeah! show, we discuss the Olympics, the Australian Olympics, water, Australia, Australia, and more Australia, Tim Tams, Australia, grilled kangaroo, Australia, The Castle Doctrine, Australia, and hallucinations. Also, TaskPaper for iOS, the Cryptolocker virus, and Arq 4.0.

Emory’s stuff

  • I don’t think Olympics are great

    • any time

  • Water main breaks, boilin’ water

  • This weather is stupid and I’ve had it

Alan’s stuff

  • Australia

    • Tim Tams

    • grilled kangaroo

    • Sydney Opera House

    • Australian Olympic coverage

    • casino hotel

    • tipping

    • Australian news media

  • The Castle Doctrine

    • hallucinations on a plane


  • TaskPaper for iOS is gone long live NOTTaskPaper

  • Cryptolocker is no joke

    • It can eat entire shares nom nom

  • Arq 4.0 betas are coming along!


Alan would like to know what we're telling them this week.