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1×24.5 hellyeah! show: with Darren’s help, we’ll get that chicken

Why didn't you get the big one?

Why didn't you get the big one?

In this spur of the moment special episode, we have an important guest host to talk television with Emory while Alan matriculates like a champion.  We talk a little about Path’s Privacy Problems, and touch on the protests against Foxconn.  It’s mostly all about Seinfeld.  You’re welcome.

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february 9 twenty twelve

episode 24.5

  • “best practices for fine living”
  • advice on how to not let technology ruin your day
  • (special episode:  how to not let television ruin your day)

alan is out

  • alan is working hard
  • we soldier on bravely for just one week without him
  • this is the first show emory has recorded, produced, and assembled




 The Contest

  • My mother caught me
  • …but are you  master of your domain?

 The Opposite

  •  Steinbrenner’s showdown
  •  The Showerhead
  • Yam yam

The Race

  • Hello, Lois
  • I choose not to race.

The Voice



Estelle Harris plays Mrs. Costanza.


I'm like "Sweetie Pie" by The Stone Alliance. Everybody knows I'm known for droppin' science.

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