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2×08 hellyeah! show: there’s no ‘i’ in teamocil

In this arrested episode of the hellyeah! show, we talk Java exploits and Markdown, Emory gives us a gaming update, we geek out about the Sparrow email client, Arrested Development continues its promises to return, we hate on mobile spam, love on consumer-friendly ISPs, discuss Windows 8, and play a special trivia game to cap things off.

April Eighteen, Twenty Twelve

this is the hellyeah! show

  • best practices for fine living
  • advice on how to not let technology ruin your day

What we’re telling them

  • “there’s no “i” in teamocil”


Emory’s stuff

Flashback is legit and I hate Java

  • conficker-levels of compromise for OS X users
  • malicious software snarfs account credentials
  • install java updates, people

MarkdownPad for Windows

Games Update

Skyrim is dumb

  • I’m playing it, but I don’t like it.
    • Bad combat
    • Bad lore
    • Dull story
  • Also, how many urns must I open?

Diablo III is awesome

  • This is a very fun game.
  • Still liking Witchdoctor but Barbarian is great too.
    • Naming a Barbarian is hard work.

MOP Beta

  • I like it.
  • Warlock and Shaman are very fun.
  • Monks may not ruin the game.

Document Scanners

  • I looked high and low for a document scanner
    • DEVONthink Filing
    • Hazel rules for sorting
  • Settled on a Fujitsu Scansnap 1300

Alan’s stuff



Arrested Development Update

  • the anthology-style reunion season is shaping up! > “Because everybody is on separate shows, we had this idea to do kind of an anthology series and meet the characters, where they have been, one at a time,” Hurwitz told attendees. “That is evolving into the old show again, even though the concept is slightly different.”

Mobile Spam

  • Slate article: article > “In 2009, Americans received some 2.2 billion text messages that they identified as spam, by the estimate of Richi Jennings, an independent market analyst.”
  • Forward spam messages to ‘7226’ (“SPAM”)
  • Hang on tight
  • Get a load of that SIM box.

Privacy-enhanced ISPs

Making Windows 8 better

Drag Queen or Android?

  • A trial run of a new segment.
  • Level of difficulty: High
    • Reason: Most famous drag stars have two names.



Alan would like to know what we're telling them this week.