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1×05 hellyeah! show: casting magic missile

In this magical episode of the hellyeah! show, Alan relives the wonder of PAX Prime 2011, Emory explains why his body is a temple and his refrigerator is a science experiment, we discuss the notion of a post-PC era, and Emory makes some useful software recommendations.

Check out the show notes after the break…

PAX report

Emory’s phobias: this week “Food”

  • food and water are terrifying
  • best-by dates and born-on dates
  • how long can things stay in the fridge
  • technological improvements in food safety are zero
  • ruining rice
  • Camelbak Groove

What does it mean to be Post-PC

  • what the iCloud really means for Apple
  • no need for a computer anymore
  • no need for a phone in the future?
  • Steve Jobs’ legacy?

Chromium and Chromatic

  • auto-updater for nightly chromium builds
  • uh oh, quix app and chrome hotkeys don’t work well together


  • open source, ruby application to render static pages from psuedo-dynamic content
  • a printing press
  • github pages use it
  • static files so very portable when published
  • used exitwp Python script to migrate data

No Star Trek This Week

  • definitely Emory’s fault


Alan would like to know what we're telling them this week.

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  1. Much better show this week from last week’s discussion on handbag preference! Sorry you have trouble cooking rice, Emo, it’s really easy, just need to set it on simmer once it’s reached a boil, simmer being really low heat. You could even move the pot halfway off the burner and just rotate it halfway through cooking.

    I agree with the no computer scenario in the future. I’m able to surf the web on my Kindle, and can even transfer files I create myself, such as knitting patterns onto it with a USB cable.

    No Star Trek!!!!???? That’s just wrong, and hope you make up for it next week fo sho!

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