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2×17 hellyeah! show: it’s a much smaller iPad

In this Britified episode of the hellyeah! show, we discuss EMORY’S NEW BAG, and Glassboard, Alan’s trip to London, Jeopardy, Mists of Pandaria, Bravo’s Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, Halloween, the iPad mini, and the election.

Check out the show notes after the break…

Emory’s stuff

  • Mission Workshop Sanction: a delightful backpack
  • Hurricane Sandy and my New Yorkers
    • jcn, Dan Lurie getting props for their photos
  • 15” rMBP Pro is en route
  • I still enjoy and I am in love with jekyll-s3.
  • Glassboard is pretty sweet, if you like to have a private social space

Alan’s stuff

  • London Calling
    • What London does well
      • meat in dessert foods
      • the underground
      • one pound coins
      • mobile credit card terminals
      • RAIN, hell yes
    • What MURICA does well
      • vegetables
      • street food
      • trash cans on the street
  • Jeopardy for the Xbox 360


  • Mists of Pandaria, a few weeks later

Real Housewives of Silicon Valley

Halloween (Scared, kids?)

  • Alan’s Halloween
  • Emory’s Halloween

iPad Mini

  • It’s a smaller iPad.

Voting Time in the United States


Alan would like to know what we're telling them this week.