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2×12 hellyeah! show: humanity’s desperate cry

In this dragon soccer killer episode of the hellyeah! show, we discuss Aperture and photography, Google Drive, Game of Thrones, Diablo III, the new MacBooks, iOS 6, and poetry based on the LinkedIn password compromise.

Check out the show notes after the break…


  • “best practices for fine living”
  • advice on how to not let technology ruin your day
  • “humanity’s desperate cry”

Emory’s stuff

  • Aperture
  • Fuji X10 still going strong
  • Google Drive
  • the Game of Thrones
  • Diablo 3 Real-money Auction House

Alan’s stuff

  • TERA
  • bought a new MacBook Air
  • 13”, i7, 8 GB RAM


new MacBook Pro

iOS 6

Safety First

  • Riot Games compromise (EU League of Legends)
  • 6.5 million accounts compromised
  • most common LinkedIn passwords


Alan would like to know what we're telling them this week.