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3×02 hellyeah! show: we’re going to need quieter keyboards

iphone5In this found episode of the hellyeah! show, we discuss buses and Find My iPhone, Emory’s new camera, Alan’s new iPhone 5, Ubuntu updates, task management, and a few bits of entertainment news.

Check out the show notes after the break…

Emory’s stuff

  • my glorious Kitten-face Tee

  • adventures in Find my iPhone

  • Camera Purchased: Fujifilm X100s

  • The terrible ordeal of the backorder

  • a missing SD card and Amazon’s amazing customer service

  • finally, something other than black market narcotics with BitCoins!

  • Someone is wrong on the Internet: Facebook and gun control

Alan’s stuff

  • iPhone 5

  • Passbook is glorious

  • Downcast is the best podcast app, probably

  • T-Mobile is rocking it

  • unlimited 4G, no contract, awesome salesperson

  • MLB TV / MLB At Bat on iOS over 4G is the future of baseball

  • I’m still kicking Emory’s ass at Letterpress and he refuses to lose gracefully


  • Ubuntu 13.04

  • Some interesting tuning to the Unity desktop environment

  • Better window snap

  • Faster interface behavior

  • Online Accounts dashboard (similar to the Mail Contacts & Calendars preference pane in OS X)

  • Social accounts and lenses

  • Wunderlist Pro


  • TV

  • Netflix is bigger than HBO

  • Game of Thrones

  • Games

  • Mass Effect 2 on PSN

  • LOL China


Alan would like to know what we're telling them this week.