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3×18 hellyeah! show: so it’s not the best Christmas movie

santaclause1In this bloody episode of the hellyeah! show, we discuss parking tickets and the DMV, an awesome surplus sale acquisition, mechanical keyboards, heartbleed, baseball, The Mummy and The Santa Clause, Hearthstone for iPad,, iOS battery life, educational iPad games, and more heartbleed.

Emory’s stuff

  • the DC DMV sucks

  • my surplus sale score

  • do want: matias ergo split

    • quiet mechanical ergo keyboard

  • 8GB of RAM is fail

  • heartbleeds

Alan’s stuff

  • MLB TV

  • The Mummy

  • The Santa Clause

  • Hearthstone for iPad




  • kind of a big deal

  • the problem with open source — big companies take advantage and contribute nothing

  • just wait until OpenSSH has a serious bug. just wait.


Alan would like to know what we're telling them this week.